Know Yourself
Change Your Life!

Practice Healthy,
Self-Responsible Communication

Know Yourself ~ Change Your Life!
Practice Healthy Self-Responsible Communication

  • Explore, establish and draw strength from your Core Values
    Explore, establish and draw strength from your Core Values.
  • Transform adversity into Personal Empowerment
  • Improve valued relationships with family, friends, acquaintances & business associates
  • Release relationships that no longer align with your values 

Knowing yourself is the key...

My journey has always been about wanting deeper connections with people. In attempts to feel connected, I attended different churches, read countless self-help books, took self-improvement workshops, learned how to meditate and used affirmations.  So what was missing?.....I simply did not know myself.  And, by not knowing myself, to my constant dissatisfaction, I was yielding to the world around me and what I thought was the right thing to do.  That was exhausting!

Although I still enjoy meditating and reading books, the big changes happened when I became fiercely determined to truly know myself to the core.  Turns out, the adverse interactions and my responses to them over the years were KEYS to unlocking this seeming mystery.  
Adversity is the KEY to discovering "What makes you You", "Your Core Values" and "How to Communicate"
.  Getting to know yourself may sound selfish, but I can assure you that as a result of this work, I have more to give than EVER before.

Rita GrayAuthor and Facilitator