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Living With Ease Testimonials

"Discover new ways of communicating...
The Living with Ease workshop taught my family new ways to communicate both as individuals and within a family unit. The techniques Rita presented were universally applicable yet she integrated them into our specific situations to help us discover new ways of communicating. Rita was compassionate and non judgmental: we each felt safe and comfortable sharing our feelings and needs. We created a family agreement during the workshop and we follow it daily. The safe space created during the workshop has translated to the challenging moments when as a family we use these new skills. The concepts of the workshop extend to our individual lives, helping to recognize opportunities to improve relationships with friends, at work, etc.
We all perform maintenance on our cars, we clean our houses, etc.; relationships deserve maintenance too. This workshop is an investment in relationships. I highly recommend it to individuals and families alike. 

Jodi V., San Diego CA

"This workshop is a life changer...

The "Living With Ease" workshop is a life changer, life saver and a must for anyone wanting to change old patterns and learn clear and concise tools for effective and responsible communication.
Rita is an amazingly dynamic, skilled and professional facilitator and leader. Her approach is heart centered, honest, direct, and result oriented. She expertly guides you through practical exercises to gain confidence in new communication skills.
A long time goal of mine has been to stand in my truth, but I did not really know how to do or feel that. After taking Rita's workshop, I have gained skills and knowledge that empower me to speak my truth and desires with confidence and greater ease. I can honestly say that I now know what standing in my truth really feels like and how to achieve this. I am deeply grateful to Rita for this gift.

A. Fenwick, Bellingham WA

"I feel heard & seen as I communicate...
The Living With Ease workshop has boosted my confidence as I access a greater dream for myself. This workshop has given me tools to create my reality in the exact way I desire. I am aware now that I am the true creator of my life and I see new possibilities for my future.
Within a week of attending the workshop I noticed transformations in my relationships due to my ability to communicate clearly. I realized that my judgment of others stemmed from my own self-judgment and I have been able to shift to a heart space of self-care and self love.
Rita provided a safe and gentle environment for me to explore the blocks and challenges that I was ready to shift. During this workshop I easily worked through these issues and have been able to speak my truth with ease and without fear. As a result, I feel heard and seen as I communicate through my heart.
The tools I learned are simple to understand and use on a daily basis. If you desire any type of change in your life, I highly recommend the Living With Ease workshop.

D. Kodin, Bellingham WA

"You can truly transform relationships...
Dear Rita:
I want to thank you so much for the workshop on March 27 & 28. You are obviously a gifted and talented presenter with a very important story to tell. What you have done to turn tragedy into magnificence is nothing short of amazing and it is clear to me that the ways you transformed your relationship with all those around you are applicable to all of us.
Both of us feel like we have benefited tremendously from your workshop. In the very first week after the workshop I had two amazing conversations with my partner that would have normally gone very differently. I can see how what you are teaching can truly transform relationships. Thank you again.

Judy C., Bellingham, WA

Rita has helped me find my voice...

Rita has been instrumental in helping me to discover what it is that I have been searching for. When I first sat down with her, I felt a void inside and yet when prompted as to what it is that I wanted, I couldn’t answer the question. By providing me with the tools, feedback, and insight to help me understand things more clearly, Rita has enabled me to see for myself what I have been doing to impede my own growth and ability to move forward in certain areas of my life.

It has been through Rita’s gentle yet firm guidance that I have been able to take an honest look at myself and learn to recognize and break patterns of behavior that have not been serving me well. Her approach is direct yet nonjudgmental and is done with compassion and understanding as she shares her own personal experiences. She has challenged my thinking and offered suggestions for handling situations differently but ultimately placed the responsibility for growth and happiness in my own hands. This newfound awareness that I, and I alone, am responsible for my own happiness has been liberating as it removed any and all expectations of others to provide this for me.

Rita has helped me find my voice by teaching me that not only is it ok to ask for what I want but it is essential. The key to making this happen is through clear, thoughtful, and direct communication. Inherent in this exchange is the need to listen to the other person with the intention of truly hearing them and to make no assumptions. Her guidance and direction she has provided me with the tools necessary to more comfortably and effectively communicate with others, relieving me of the inner turmoil consequential to keeping things inside and not voicing my needs.

A commitment and resolve to change, a willingness to persevere, and faith in the process is all that is needed to begin to experience greater joy. If you are ready to consider a new way of thinking and being, then Rita is the person to help you on your path. She recognizes that this is a uniquely personal experience, one where you choose your course and set your pace. While core values and communication skills are used, her approach is specifically catered to helping you as an individual as is evidenced by her generosity of time and attention.

Rita will be the first to tell you that this process of self-discovery is not always an easy road but assures you that the journey is well worth the effort. Her faith and commitment to the process is testament to that power that lies within and of the rewards of inner peace and joy that await you.

K. Hood, Bow NH