Know Yourself
Change Your Life!

Practice Healthy,
 Self-Responsible Communication


  • To encourage and facilitate personal empowerment by sharing my life changing tools and experiences.
  • To provide a safe environment of self-exploration.

About the Workshop

  • Discover options to transform struggle into personal empowerment.
  • Integrate your personal core values as an anchor for making good decisions.
  • Explore the patterned behaviors that help or hinder your interactions.
  • Build your personal boundaries and practice exercising them.
  • Explore new and energy efficient ways to communicate.

Workshop Steps

  • 1
    Recognizing the Desire for a new experience!
  • 2
    Creating a solid personal foundation!
  • 3
    Taking 100% responsibility for yourself and your experiences!
  • 4
    Communicating with self-responsible clarity!
  • 5
    Enjoying a new relationship with yourself! 

Workshop Availability

  • This program is available by request with a 2-person minimum and 12-person maximum.
  • It is a 1-day workshop which runs between 4 and 6 hours (or longer) depending on the class size and level of participation.
  • Days and start times are flexible.
  • Workshop location is determined on an individual or group basis.
  • Individual coaching available upon request.